Why Have A Domain Name?

Why have a Domain Name?

Your website attached to your own domain name is what makes the world of the internet go round.  Domain Names are your internet address.  Your place on the internet where people can find your site.  Many businesses register domains in multiple countries and extensions .com .com.au .co.uk .info .tv etc.

Owning your own domain also enables you or your business to have a personalised email address.  Rather than having generic emails like hotmail, gmail and live, you can have personalised, professional email eg stuart@mikescomputers.com.au or sales@mikescomputers.com.au

Email addresses become portable.  This means that your email address is no longer tied to your Internet Service Provider.  No more changing email addresses, your email address remains the same as long as you have the domain registered.

Domain names show professionalism. Your customers will be more confident dealing with your company if you have your own identity on the internet for your website and email.  Domain names are memorable.  It is mush easier to remember www.mikescomputers.com than www.yourisp.com/yoursubdomain/123

Domain names improve search engine rankings.  Most major search engines rank websites with their own domain names higher than those using their Internet Service Provider’s address.

If you currently have a domain name, it is not necessary for you to transfer it to us.  You are welcome to, but it is not necessary.  You may find it preferable to maintain a level of consistency with the maintenance of your site.

Current Domain pricing can be found over at our hosting service.