What Is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is where you web site physically lives, where it gets delivered or run from.

Your page needs to be on a Web Server for it to be accessible to the world.  The server must always be available, running and connected to the internet.  Hosting just means what  machine going to perform these functions for you.

Currently we have servers if Australia and upon request the US.

It is preferable to have your page hosted locally, depending on where you are.  Hosting locally ensures that the pages load quicker on your customer’s computer.  You are able to host in another country, the speed difference is there, but it is not great.  It is historically and currently cheaper to host in the US.  However, we would recommend that you host in Australia (if this is the target market).

Our current hosting plans are available here.

Any questions or concerns with hosting please contact us.